Welcome to Simply Spice Rubs.
Created in 2013 by Founder, Richard Alexander, Simply Spice Rubs was born from a passion and desire for naturally healthy seasoning blends made with consciously curated ingredients. It was this passion that led Richard to craft his own brand of seasonings and rubs for the natural health and food market, working to satisfy our collective curiosity and concern for what goes into our food and the ingredients used to flavor it.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the food industry, working directly in product development, Richard applies his knowledge of and expertise in the principles and theories of food science to assist in research & development of new blends here at Simply Spice Rubs. The goal? To consistently create, develop, improve our range of products with Simply RAW ingredients.

Currently, Simply Spice Rubs carries a variety of outside brands that we searched globally and approved for their prestigious ingredients. To have us consider your product on our site, please contact us directly on our contact form.